GoGirl! Robots Gone Wild comes out November 2006

This volume contains 4 stories. Two GoGirl stories and two Haseena Ross: Girl Detective.

Preview and publisher's link: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=10-927

NOTE: GoGirl! was listed on ALA Notable Graphic Novels for 2002

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Wonder Woman Day

This is my "Super Friends" Wonder Woman that will be for the art auction on Wonder Woman Day. The funds will help benefit two of Portland's Shelter's for Women and Children.

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Art Auction to help Lea Hernandez Family

Please check out the eBay art auction. All the creators donated art and books to help Lea Hernandez family get back on their feet.
If you'd like to donate art or books to this auction, please email Jeff at jtbw at bellsouth dot net
See more info to help Lea at The Pulse

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She Draws Comics

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Heidi MacDonald has a report on the May 20th opening of the new exhibit at MoCCa "She Draws Comics", curated by Trina Robbins. The show is up until November 6.
I have a page in the exhibit from our first trade, GoGirl!
Check out exhibit out if you are in NY

(I drew the GoGirl on the right side of the postcard, designed by Trina Robbins and colored by Steve Leialoha)

GoGirl is in Ms Magazine! Please check out the fall issue on page 23. It has this postcard as well as information the MoCCA 'She Draws Comics" exhibit.

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New book

There's a nice interview of Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz at the Pulse
on "Sexy Chix". This is an all female comic creator anthology. Trina and I contributed a short story.
I am really looking forward to seeing this collection of work.

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