More Northanger Abbey

Recently, I contacted The Austenblog to let them know about Northanger Abbey coming out in May 2007. The Austenblog offers up to the minute information of any book,movie, or web link that has anything new on Jane Austen. You should definitely check out their website.

Here's some more preview art of Northanger Abbey - "Catherine scares herself!".
And a fabulous cover by Lisa K Webber

Check out promo on Publisher's Weekly! and recent interview on The Pulse
All interior Northanger Abbey artwork © 2007 by Anne Timmons

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  1. Night Flyer, on 10:59 AM said:

    Your artwork fits the style and mood of Northanger Abbey perfectly. Beautiful work! I'm really looking forward to this. (I just found out about the Graphic Classics collection at The Beat.)

  2. Tintin Pantoja, on 6:29 AM said:

    Hi! My name's Tintin and I'm working on a similar project (Pride and Prejudice). I was wondering if i could ask you what books or websites you used as reference for the book? As someone who's only recently been introduced to Regency culture and art, I'm a little overwhelmed at all the sources. Thanks! I'm looking forward to picking up NA when it's available. Good luck!
    (I tried to email you but your site isn't loading)

  3. Tintin Pantoja, on 6:30 AM said:

    The NA pages look great by the way. Your lines are very crisp and pleasing, and you make all the Regency stuff look so effortless.

  4. Anne, on 11:48 AM said:

    Thank you, night flyer and Tintin.
    I enjoyed working on this period.
    Tintin, hoped those links helped!

  5. Carole Brooks, on 12:01 PM said:

    Hi Anne!

    Nice blog. Your work is wonderful and interesting.
    I haven't looked at a comic book in years! I'm sure they are very popular with kids today and collectors and even adults.
    Being a picture book person, I'm not very knowledgeable in this arena. But, I can tell you are talented.
    Best Wishes for your success!
    Carole (from Verla's)