Gothic Classics Reviews

Check out the nice reviews for Gothic Classics Vol. 14

Comics Worth Reading
"This anthology is an overview of a timeless story type, and it’s a lot more fun than reading dusty old books."

Publisher's Weekly
"Mystery, terror, imprisonment, death: the great gothic themes are explored in these five well-chosen, seminal tales."

Austenblog Review
"Gothic Classics delivers a fine set of illustrated adaptations. Each classic work has been charmingly brought to life while preserving the spirit of its source. As a whole, the collection of stories is satisfying and memorable — and at their best when read in order. Enjoy!"

Broken Frontier
"This is a great set of selections from a long list of likely candidates, impressive in its own right, but editor Tom Pomplun really outdid himself in selecting the illustrators."

Seqart.Research and Literary Org.
"Northanger Abbey, adapted by Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons. That's a team that's worked together for quite some time, and it shows.... It's Austen's wit that towers above all, and I was surprised at how well it translated into comics form."

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