Graphic Classics Special Edition for Free Comic Book Day

Graphic Classics: Special Edition presents five tales by favorite authors from the “Graphic Classics” series. Included are Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat,” adapted by Rod Lott and Gerry Alanguilan; Arthur Conan Doyle’s eerie mystery “John Barrington Cowles,” adapted by Alex Burrows and Simon Gane; and fantasy master Lord Dunsany’s “A Narrow Escape,” adapted by Milton Knight. Plus a one-page fable by Ambrose Bierce, illustrated by Mark Dancey, and “Frankenstein” author Mary Shelley’s medieval romance, “The Dream,” adapted by Antonella Caputo and Anne Timmons. With a dramatic front cover illustration by Gerry Alanguilan and a back cover by Anne Timmons.

Free Comic Book Day
is May 3rd 2008

The Dream ©2008 by Anne Timmons

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  1. Liz Jones, on 6:17 AM said:

    Anne-- can't wait to see "The Dream"-- what great illos! Thanks for posting about it on Verlas!

  2. Anne, on 12:19 PM said:

    Thank you, Liz! Verlas is a great place and I am your new friend on livejournal.